Scarf Tease!

Yay!  My first pattern seems to be going pretty good.  People are adding the pattern to their favorites and queues on ravelry, and I am hoping the pattern will end up as Christmas gifts for some very cared for guys out there.

I will be submitting another pattern soon.  It is a scarf that matches the hat and cowl set.  While working up the hat for my boyfriend’s son, I asked if he would wear the cowl.  He didn’t think he would wear the cowl, but would like to have a scarf.  So, I popped my knuckles, stretched my fingers, and dove into another new pattern.  It turned out a lot nicer than I’d originally thought, and the directions are SUPER easy.

Whaa?  Where's the dog's scarf?

Whaa? Where’s the dog’s scarf?

Dakota absolutely insisted on using the dog in a snapshot.  If that was all it took for a smile I’d have let him use the dog all along.  Sigh.  Anyway, I introduce to you Silas, Dakota’s newly adopted Rat Terrier.  He’s a total trip, which is perfect.  He fits in GREAT!

Stay tuned!  This pattern will be available very soon!


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