My Head is Swimming…is it obvious?

Workin' Hard WILL Pay Off!!


Be honest with me, is it?  What do you mean, “Who am I kidding?”  *Sighs, then widens grin.*

Ok, so it is!  I have spent a LOT of time learning about connecting my social media and starting up an Etsy shop properly, and with all the information to learn and balance, I am feeling a wee bit overwhelmed!  I have images to make for my brand, pictures to edit for my products, (some of them are still in the camera waiting on me!) an entire shop to set up, and LOTS to learn about connecting my blog,Facebook, twitter, and Pinterest!  And since all work and no play makes the Crochet Goddess a dull girl, I threw together a fun image and decided to dump a quick blog post about how excited I am to get this going!  I asked in a Ravelry group if it was obvious that my head was swimming, and POW!  Inspiration!

It will all be worth the effort, however I can now see why people hire “experts” to consult and set things up for them!  Since I have properly concluded that is not an option for me, it is up to ME to become an Etsy and social media guru!  Muahahaha!

I plan to have my shop up and running within two weeks, and I will be working on it every day, adding new images and information, then finally my products!  If you follow me on my blog AND on Etsy, I will be offer you more discounts ON TOP of my Grand Opening sale, so please be sure to follow both! Just click “follow” in the upper left corner of this page to follow my blog, and I will post the link to my Etsy Shop in a couple of days, so stay tuned, and spread the word!

Tomorrow, I will post my Family Holiday Summary, because the Holidays were so full of awesomeness, and I have to share it with the world.  And that post will be my quick break for the day!  Then I’ll flip back and forth between Etsy and Photoshop and knock out some more progress.

This week is also going to include a Photoshop tutorial!  Woohoo!  It is something that everyone could use, and is hard to find on the internet.

I may also post a Quiché recipe…yummmm!

So stay tuned, even if just to gloss over my posts.  But don’t forget, I have a divalicious, exiting Etsy shop full of wonderful products and low prices to début, and you don’t want to miss out on the savings!

“Peace out” for now!

Ha, ha, ha!

And I say it Sheldon style! Admit it, nerdy is the new cool!


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