About “The Goddess”

I’ve crocheted since November of 2012, and have had a hook in my hand every day since!  I figured since I am so addicted to crochet, I will soon be running out of family members to give things to…hence…I have decided to go pro!

I have jumped into etsy and Ravelry; I am TheCrochetGoddess on those sites.  Check me out and friend me.  I want to be popular!

Does it seem crazy to you that I am doing this so quickly without intimidation?  Perhaps…but that is because you don’t know me…YET.

So by all means, stalk my blog!  It will evolve, it will grow, it will change, and hopefully it will inspire.  You will be able to give me input, support, criticism (you’ll need to do that carefully), advice, and all the while watch me grow into the Crochet Goddess to whom I am aspiring to become.

So come be a part of it, at least for a while, and with some luck, I will snare some of my stalkers!


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