I nail it!

100_5970 shot1 copy shot2 copyI love nail art, and I do all of my own manicures.  So many people choose simple nails.  Good for them.  Seriously.  I respect, appreciate, and even LIKE it.  HowEVA…I wouldn’t be me without some sort of extra touch.  My nails are natural.  I do NOT wear fake nails or extend my length with acrylic tips, etc.  If one breaks, I cut dem biatches down, and regrow them.  Maintenance requires some effort.  I think that merits a little oomph to my nail presentation! I favor blinga-blanga, smexilicious, easily noticeable designs for the most part.

And to add…if I hadn’t loved nail art, I’d probably NOT be crocheting!  Read why (will link to blog about this) here.

My inspirations, for the most part, come from Robin Moses and LOVE4NAILS. Their designs contain lots of yummeh, juicy, daring divaliciousness!

Below you will find links of the designs I from which I gain inspiration from and even some tutorials that I have done myself. This list will continue to grow as my blog ages, so please be sure to visit frequently for a one-stop view if you this topic interests you!


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