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Whaaat? Goddess’ Etsy Shop is going to be up? YESSSS!

Click the link, and follow my store!  I’m so excited that the day is almost here!  Show me some ♥♥♥LOVE♥♥♥!  I have every intention of rewarding my sweet, devoted blog followers.  You’ll be getting an additional discount…so you’ll be saving more than the others!  I’ll hand that discount code out tomorrow for my blog followers, so tell everyone to go ahead and follow me here.  It’s just a button to push, easy-peasy!  And here is my store link!  Woot woot!  I know, it’s empty now, but that’s because I am hard at work getting my images together.  Don’t worry, I’m fillin’ ‘er up tommorrow!


Etsy Shop Tease!

I have thrown together a couple more of my items that will be going into my store.  Things are coming together nicely, and I can’t wait to get it all ready for opening day!  This is just a few more things that I’ll be selling.  Please do not forget that I will make custom colors!  Tomorrow, I will throw out the link for people to check out what I am building!  🙂

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Free Photoshop Tutorial: Fix Pet Eye in Photoshop

Photoshop tutorial to fix pet eye in Photoshop.  Boring title, I know!  But I seriously couldn’t find any tutorials worth a darn on this subject, so I thought I would make up my own tutorial for people who end up with this problem. (And I’m trying SEO here.)

Most tutorials for this subject say, “ok, paint black over the green, now put a tiny dot of white over the black!  It’s fixed!”  Uh, NO, NO, NOOO!  U-G-L-Y!  That looks even worse! Good gracious people, really, you think that works?  Other tutorials say to “use the red-eye fix”!  Haha, ok, try it for pet eye.  Mhmm, doesn’t work well, if at all, does it?  Or… maybe you have an older version of Photoshop.

Stick with me, brothas and sistas.  I shall show you  the proper way! I will be as descriptive as possible.  That way if you are new to this, you won’t need to figure out “how”.  If you’re Photoshop proficient, glaze over the details and stick to the meat!

During Christmas pictures, all the dog pictures turned up with scary, demonic eyes!  It’s the flash, and the process is NOT the same as it is for fixing red-eye in people.  So…here it is, the fix you’ve been Google-ing for!!!!

Case in point:  Lana, my granddawgie, My daughter Chellicee, and Ed, her sweet little sweetie.  Yes, Ed’s eyes are glowing too, but the star of the show is LANA!  Behold the “before and after” awesomeness!

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OK, OK, so I used some more filters and stuff to enhance the image as well, but this tutorial is only for pet eye!  I may give away more wisdom later when I am feeling super sweet.  Anyway, let’s get started!

1.  Open your image, and zoom wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy in on the eyes.  I press the Alt key, hold my mouse over the part I am zooming to, and roll my mouse roller up until I am happy, but you can use the “zoom tool” magnifying glass at the lower left if you prefer.

Try not to stare!  Hypmotism WILL happen!2.  Now, look at your “Layers” palette to the right.  See where it says “background”?  We will copy this layer by hitting Ctrl+J.  Your layers palette will now look like below:layers pallet

3.  Let’s rename this layer for simplicity’s sake. Double-click the TEXT on “Layer 1”.  It will highlight the text for you, and you can rename it.  Let’s call it “eyes” (without quotes of course).  Now SAVE YOUR WORK as a .psd file wherever you choose.  We don’t want to lose our work!

4.  Now, let’s fix the eyes.  We want to do this on a NEW layer so we don’t mess with the actual image, and have a “go back” point if necessary.  Look up at the top of your Photoshop window, and click Layer/New/Layer.  And call that one “blacken.”

eyes5.  Ctrl+S to save again.  Yay!  Now, select your brush tool.  Make sure that you have a soft brush!  A hard brush is going to look really brushfake.  Look at the settings below….brushsettings

6.  Now, once you have the brush set right, (and your brush size will differ depending on YOUR picture) be sure that your foreground color is set to black.  Simply pressing the “D” button should do this, but if not, then you may need to do this manually.defaultcolors

See the “Like This!”  Pic?  Yeah, like that!  Ok, now we are going to paint over that glowing, horrible area.  Bleh!

Press your brackets keys to adjust the size of your brush to fit over the white area.  the ” [ ” key makes it smaller, and the ” ] ” key makes it bigger.  To tweak it a little more, you can click the dropdown menu at the top of the brush settings (located next to the number) and set it there, too.  eyebrushOnce you have your brush set correctly, press your left mouse button.  Most likely, it won’t cover the whole glowing area, so just push it a few times more to paint over it, NOT moving the mouse, only left-clicking!  Now, go to the other side, and do the other eye.  And SAVE your work!  Ctrl+S!

Now you have a black hawt mess over the dog’s eyes, which is particularly horrid.  But we will fix it, don’t worry!

7.  We need to add an iris into the eyes.  Please don’t skip this step!  Dog eyes have color!  Most dogs’ eyes are brown.  If you have a blue-eyed dog, then you can pick a shade of blue.  The setting of brown I have for my dogs is 3c230b.  If you don’t know what that means, then click on your foreground color and it will pull up a window like this:  colorpicker

Then you need to just enter the above value into the blank, which should already be highlighted.  After that, voilà, your foreground color is doggie eye brown!

Now make a NEW LAYER again.  Look at step 4 if you forgot how.  Name this new layer “brown”.  Reduce the paint brush size to a realistic size for the iris, and press the left mouse button to paint WITHOUT MOVING THE MOUSE. If you have trouble guessing your work, you can reduce the opacity layer of your “blacken layer” to get a better judgement of where that iris should   Opacitygo (See the pic to the left). That usually helps me a lot.  After you’ve painted over the black, you should end up with something like what is below:

WTH?  Seriously?  Now WHAT!

WTH? Seriously? Now WHAT!

Ok!  Trust me, it gets better.  Now look up top at the Photoshop dropdowns and select View/Actual Pixels.  Yeah, a little better, right?  Zoomed up looks worse, usually, but not as bad when zoomed out.  If you are happy with your results you can skip down to step 9.  If you’re a stickler for detail like me, then we will fix the edges for more realism.  Don’t forget to save your work again!

8.  Select your “burn” tool.burntoolrightclick  You may need to right click your dodge tool (looks like a lollipop) and select it.  Your settings should look like the image below:  burnsettings  Ok, now make sure your “brown” layer is active.  (It will be highlighted if it is.)  Click that layer in the layers palette to be sure.  Make the brush smaller, and hit just a few parts on the OUTSIDE of the brown circles.  Where doesn’t matter, seriously.  You can trace the whole outside, or do less.  It is up to you.  We just want some texture to the iris.

Now, if you want, you can select your Dodge Tool (the lollipop) and hit a few spots on the INNER part of the circle, to make it look like there are some reflections in the eye.  I’d turn that dodge exposure down a bit first to around 30% and reduce your brush size, but play around and see what you like.  You should end up with something close to this:cluseup Beautiful!  NOT!  Let’s pump down the opacity of that “brown layer, and make it look a little less harsh. (See step 7 if you forgot how.) When you are happy with that, it’s time for the white little reflection dots!  Woot woot!  Almost done!  SAVE YOUR WORK!

9.  Make another new layer and name it “left eye dot”.  We are going make these white dots on two separate layers.  That way, you can MOVE the dots if you decide they look googly or awkward, instead of having to repaint them over and over and OVER again.  Let’s start with the first part.

Press “B” for your brush tool.  Change your foreground color to white.  REDUCE THE SIZE of your brush to something tiny.  (See step 6 if you forgot how to adjust your brush.)  Press anywhere on the eye.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, because you can move that white dot further down the road.  Leave it for now.  We’ll tweak it later.  Now, we are going to duplicate this layer to use for the right eye.  Ctrl+S to save!

10.  In your Layers palette, right click the “left eye dot” layer, and select “Duplicate Layer” from the pop-up menu.  Name this layer “right eye dot”.righteyelayer  Whew!  Now where is the right eye?  Let’s move it and see.

11.  Press “V” to select your move tool.  Or, press the very first tool on the top of your toolbar.  It looks like the cross-hair with the arrow next to it.  Now click on that white dot, and drag it to move.  Ohhhhhhhhh cool!  Ok, so move it where you like.  Now, move the OTHER layer (the “left eye dot”) by selecting it in the layers palette and moving.  You can move in slight tweaks with your arrow keys.  Once you have the dots where you want them, lower each of the two layer’s opacities.  I set mine to around 74% each.   And for the love of everything that is beautiful in this universe, save your work!

You have now fixed your spoiled dog’s eyes to their adorable, wooby-boogie cuteness, and that great picture has been salvaged due to your newly acquired Photoshop skills!

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Please “like” and share this post.  I’d really like to spread the word around for this tutorial!

Holiday Adorbes!

Fashionably late, Goddess style, I present to you….”The Holiday Family Extraordinaire!”  I had such a wonderful holiday season full of family and loved ones, and I must say that in love, we are wealthy indeed!  Although timing for Thanksgiving pictures didn’t work out, Christmas did, and I am so happy!  My  daughter and Michael’s son work so hard and such terrible hours that it is tough for us to all get together, but it finally did, and here are just a few of the pictures.  There was a LOT of hilarity during the holidays, too, but this is par for the course ’round these here parts!  And of course, I am going to share!  But first let’s look at some pictures, mang!

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My daughter has done a LOT of driving over the past few weeks just to spend time with her mommy, and although we didn’t have the time for “modeling pictures” over Thanksgiving, or Christmas we managed to barely squeeze in the time for New Year’s.  So, we snapped up what we could, and I’ll be posting the FOTH’s for that in a day or two.

Mom and Dad visited our house several times during the holidays.  I must admit it is such a bittersweet moment for me that they have retired and are about to spend their time traveling.  I am spoiled to their presence, and have mild panic attacks when I haven’t had my “fix”.  They have always been such a huge part of my life, and now I have to set them free to enjoy their lives during their Golden Years.  *sighs*.  It is such an awesome thing, but I’d be a liar to say it doesn’t also make me sad!  But let’s get to the freakin’ meat of this blog post already!!!!

Highlights in our family are always best remembered when they are comical and/or awkward.  Sure, we spend our “family time” with love and affection, but it is the comical craziness that we have in our family that sets us apart from the rest, and here is a list of just a few!

On Thanksgiving, it is my son’s responsibility to set up the turkey for its journey in the cooker.  He slept in, so I did it.  I put the apple in the turkey to bake the entire time instead of the last half hour, and our Turkey Presentation on the table was with a mushy green mess inside it!  No problem, we devoured it anyway, and it was goooo-oood!

For Christmas, I taught my daughter our traditional way of cooking authentic “Lasagna Italiano”.  We have lasagna on Christmas.  My mother is Italian, so it is only natural, after all!  We spent all day working on the secret sauce, carefully and beautifully built our lasagna, and finally, after hours of work, and dozens of times smacking the back of hands of the boys “testing”….the lasagna went into the oven!  The aroma was so lovely filling the house, and everyone eagerly awaited the arrival of our lasagna.  My daughter’s boyfriend was down, and she was particularly excited and proud to present to him what a GREAT thing we would have to eat!

Finally it was time to pull out the lasagna.  I went to the oven, and realized in absolute horror that the oven display was reading what I can only describe as alien writing!  I opened the oven door, and after one look at the lasagna, my mouth took over.  A long series of incredibly unattractive words flew from my mouth, and the entire household dashed into the kitchen.  Everyone began to cough and gasp as black smoke-filled the kitchen, and I dashed to the windows and doors, now cursing about the smell and possibly having to clean the walls on Christmas!

The oven had gone into broil mode somehow, and the top of the lasagna was completely black!  Tears welled up in my eyes as I stammered and stuttered about not understanding what happened, and the rest of the family held their breath, not knowing what to say or what to do.  Everyone stared at our long-awaited meal in disappointed exasperation as I fought back tears.  I ruined dinner, and we were all starving!  Where on earth would we find food on Christmas Day?  My head was spinning and my daughter grabbed my hand and kissed it while my son patted my back and hugged my neck.

The alien writing on the display turned to Chinese writing as our noses took in the awful stench of cleaner.  The oven went into clean mode, and we couldn’t get it to turn off!  We were stuck riding out the experience whether we liked it or not.

Then my darling Michael cut into the lasagna and tried a piece of it without any prompting, determined to find a way to “save the moment”.  As soon as he did, everyone else did as well, and much to our surprise and relief, it was still good!  I swear it was!  The burned cheese was just a crispy layer and didn’t have much of a taste, and easily scraped away if we wanted to.  However, we ate the cheese.  We thought it was good!  And we laughed and laughed, reliving the moment together…”It was so funny when…”  “Oh, man, did you see when…”  We had so much fun!  And dessert was awesome.

New Year’s Eve was exciting, too.  (New Year’s and the 4th of July are my FAVORITE holidays of the year!)  My daughter worked, so as soon as she got off work, she and the boyfriend drove up to the house, barely making it.  My son and I were texting her as we all waited by the champagne and watching the clock.  She arrived at 11:45 p.m. with surprise fireworks, and those bottle-popper things that shoot confetti.  My mischievous teenage son was just dying to mess with one.  We had all just threatened him within an inch of his life to wait when…

POWWWWWWWAAAAHHHHH!  I am talkin’ a huge poppin’ bang from nowhere, filled the room and caused my daughter and I to jump 6 feet from the ground.  “I didn’t do it!!’  My son yelled, holding up his hands.

“It was the champagne bottle.”  Said Michael.  Everyone started to ask him what the heck he did that for when he finally managed to get us to understand that it happened on autopilot (JUST LIKE THE OVEN on Christmas!)  We all laughed and teased one another about our reactions when we realized that ACK!!!!!  2 minutes to midnight, hurry, hurry!  Pour the champagne, stand together and get ready to toast!  And midnight came, and my daughter got her first New Year’s Kiss ever with her boyfriend, and I got to cuddle and hug with my famly and feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing I’d kick off the year with the ones I love.

So you’ve made it to the end of another long Goddess post!  *Pats you on the back*  Way to go!  And thanks for sticking it out with me, and giving me the fun experience of sharing some family tidbits with you.  You are soooo Awesome Blossom!  XOXOXO

My Head is Swimming…is it obvious?

Workin' Hard WILL Pay Off!!


Be honest with me, is it?  What do you mean, “Who am I kidding?”  *Sighs, then widens grin.*

Ok, so it is!  I have spent a LOT of time learning about connecting my social media and starting up an Etsy shop properly, and with all the information to learn and balance, I am feeling a wee bit overwhelmed!  I have images to make for my brand, pictures to edit for my products, (some of them are still in the camera waiting on me!) an entire shop to set up, and LOTS to learn about connecting my blog,Facebook, twitter, and Pinterest!  And since all work and no play makes the Crochet Goddess a dull girl, I threw together a fun image and decided to dump a quick blog post about how excited I am to get this going!  I asked in a Ravelry group if it was obvious that my head was swimming, and POW!  Inspiration!

It will all be worth the effort, however I can now see why people hire “experts” to consult and set things up for them!  Since I have properly concluded that is not an option for me, it is up to ME to become an Etsy and social media guru!  Muahahaha!

I plan to have my shop up and running within two weeks, and I will be working on it every day, adding new images and information, then finally my products!  If you follow me on my blog AND on Etsy, I will be offer you more discounts ON TOP of my Grand Opening sale, so please be sure to follow both! Just click “follow” in the upper left corner of this page to follow my blog, and I will post the link to my Etsy Shop in a couple of days, so stay tuned, and spread the word!

Tomorrow, I will post my Family Holiday Summary, because the Holidays were so full of awesomeness, and I have to share it with the world.  And that post will be my quick break for the day!  Then I’ll flip back and forth between Etsy and Photoshop and knock out some more progress.

This week is also going to include a Photoshop tutorial!  Woohoo!  It is something that everyone could use, and is hard to find on the internet.

I may also post a Quiché recipe…yummmm!

So stay tuned, even if just to gloss over my posts.  But don’t forget, I have a divalicious, exiting Etsy shop full of wonderful products and low prices to début, and you don’t want to miss out on the savings!

“Peace out” for now!

Ha, ha, ha!

And I say it Sheldon style! Admit it, nerdy is the new cool!