Fall in love AFTER Valentine’s Day!!!

Fall in love with….my newest crochet stuff!!!  Isn’t it just sooo romantic?  I think so!  Well, maybe anti-Valentine…because it is skulls….MUAHAHAHA!

I love rock…hard rock and metal…so skulls are kind of my thing.  And I also love how the trend is to take skulls and put cutesy bows and bling on them to make them more femme fatale.  Ooo-la-la!

I blinged mine up with the yarn, but these would be adorable in any sort of color.  And, since spring is just around the corner, the stitch is perfect for the soon-to-be warming weather!  I will offer these at a discount of 25% until March 1, 2014 to my blog readers.  Just contact me for a coupon code!

This gorgeous model is my daughter.  I am so lucky to have two beautiful children/slave/models!  Haha, just kidding, kiddos!

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And here we go…the “Skull Series”!  I have a headband, slouchy hat, and skullcap.  As always….made to order by your personal specifications.

back, and close-up of pattern

And finally, my favorite…The Skull Skullcap!  😛

I have been working on some home decor items, and should have them ready soon and will post those.  I am really excited about those.


Red Hot Pimp Roadkill Superbowl XLVIII Rundown

Never before in the history of the NFL has there been a stranger Superbowl, EVER.  The obvious omen to set off this chain of events was hands-down Joe Namath’s Roadkill Pimp mink coat!  Now I realize it is part of what this guy is known for, to wear loud coats, but this was just too much!  I was really rooting for the poor guy, seriously.  I wiped the tears of laughter from my eyes as I stared at the man in his fluffy-wuffy fashionista attire, rooting for the old man.  I said aloud to Michael, “Maybe he can pull this moment off with the coin toss and look somewhat dashing and “chic” in a ridonkulous, eccentric sort of way.”   No sooner had I uttered the words and stifled my laughter when suddenly from no where, this star quarterback with 12 years’ NFL playing experience tosses the coin TOO EARLY and confuses everyone, saved by the referee.  Relive the moment with me, please.  It’s totally worth it.


*Sighs.*  Poor guy.  Absolute fail.  And this isn’t the only time he’s tried to bring a big show to add to his “legacy” only to cause millions of onlookers to face-palm and moan, but we’ll stick to the game.

Little did I know this little event was the first link in the chain reaction of strangeness that was to trail along for the rest of the event.  Discussing the quarter-by quarter rundown of the game is redundant.  It’s already all over the web.  But I do have one question:  Did the Broncos even bother to prepare?  Honestly, I think they would have done better if they had stood on the field and picked each others’ noses than to have displayed that debacle of…whatever that was!

I love to root for the underdog, and since I have nothing invested in either team, I figured I would root for the Broncs.  And who with a heart couldn’t pity the poor guys after that  early snap ended up in the end zone?  I mean…really?  Wow.  Skip ahead to the end of the 2nd, and  though I knew in my heart of hearts it wasn’t going to change, I still remained optimistic.  This was the Super Bowl after all, and something had to get exciting!  I felt bored and totally UN-entertained.  No excitement.

First half over, and time for the halftime show!  I was curious to see how these guys worked together!

How do you blend Bruno Mars with the Red Hot Chili Peppers? Although the strangeness of the match-up was fitting right in with the weird theme of the game, I was still curious to see how it would play out. So, do I think he did it?  Oh yeah, yeah, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah…uh! Totally awesome show!  He brought his game face, and entertained with a LIVE voice…great show!  I LOVED the James Brown Dancing and drum solo.  And when the Chilli Peppers came on, you knew the song was building to it, and they came on playing my favorite song!  Woot! It was so great.  And they didn’t even bother to Try to blend.  They kept their own style, yet pulled it off.  The only disappointment for me was that Flea didn’t get at least 10 seconds of solo camera time.  I totally love that dude.

And the commercials?  I would say they were unremarkable if they weren’t so disappointing.  NONE of them were Super Bowl material.  For most, if they weren’t dumb, then they were totally NOT funny.  I’d rather have watched Joe Namath walk around with his dead muppet coat for entertainment than the commercials.  Sheesh.  If I had to pick, I would have to say that Budweiser had the best batting average, but   Coca-cola had a commercial that I liked best. I’ll link it at the end of this blog, which is coming soon, dear readers!

After the great halftime show,  I was carrying a little optimism.  Maybe the Broncos would come back…maybe the commercials would get better.  Anything is possible,  right?  So, the kick-off starts the game, Percy Harvin catches the ball, and he runs the ball 87 yards for a touchdown.  And that was it for me.  I was too angry to be deflated.  Seriously.  That was just embarrassing.  I refused to pity them any more.  They just were NOT playing football.  So, I picked up my hook and started to crochet.  The true roadkill wasn’t the muppet fluffy-wuffy pimp coat, it was the Denver Broncos.

The rest of the game, they say, is history.  The only moment of glory for the Broncos was one touchdown followed by a successful two-point conversion.  If they’d wanted to win as badly as they wanted to avoid a shut-out, they may have won.  Who knows.

I loved the “puppy” Budweiser commercial, but I don’t recall it being played until AFTER the game.  But, here is my favorite.  I think the majority of you will see why.  Total awesomeness.  I hope they run this one all year.






Ta-ta for now!  When next I return, I promise some crochet magic!

Free Photoshop Tutorial: Fix Pet Eye in Photoshop

Photoshop tutorial to fix pet eye in Photoshop.  Boring title, I know!  But I seriously couldn’t find any tutorials worth a darn on this subject, so I thought I would make up my own tutorial for people who end up with this problem. (And I’m trying SEO here.)

Most tutorials for this subject say, “ok, paint black over the green, now put a tiny dot of white over the black!  It’s fixed!”  Uh, NO, NO, NOOO!  U-G-L-Y!  That looks even worse! Good gracious people, really, you think that works?  Other tutorials say to “use the red-eye fix”!  Haha, ok, try it for pet eye.  Mhmm, doesn’t work well, if at all, does it?  Or… maybe you have an older version of Photoshop.

Stick with me, brothas and sistas.  I shall show you  the proper way! I will be as descriptive as possible.  That way if you are new to this, you won’t need to figure out “how”.  If you’re Photoshop proficient, glaze over the details and stick to the meat!

During Christmas pictures, all the dog pictures turned up with scary, demonic eyes!  It’s the flash, and the process is NOT the same as it is for fixing red-eye in people.  So…here it is, the fix you’ve been Google-ing for!!!!

Case in point:  Lana, my granddawgie, My daughter Chellicee, and Ed, her sweet little sweetie.  Yes, Ed’s eyes are glowing too, but the star of the show is LANA!  Behold the “before and after” awesomeness!

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OK, OK, so I used some more filters and stuff to enhance the image as well, but this tutorial is only for pet eye!  I may give away more wisdom later when I am feeling super sweet.  Anyway, let’s get started!

1.  Open your image, and zoom wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy in on the eyes.  I press the Alt key, hold my mouse over the part I am zooming to, and roll my mouse roller up until I am happy, but you can use the “zoom tool” magnifying glass at the lower left if you prefer.

Try not to stare!  Hypmotism WILL happen!2.  Now, look at your “Layers” palette to the right.  See where it says “background”?  We will copy this layer by hitting Ctrl+J.  Your layers palette will now look like below:layers pallet

3.  Let’s rename this layer for simplicity’s sake. Double-click the TEXT on “Layer 1”.  It will highlight the text for you, and you can rename it.  Let’s call it “eyes” (without quotes of course).  Now SAVE YOUR WORK as a .psd file wherever you choose.  We don’t want to lose our work!

4.  Now, let’s fix the eyes.  We want to do this on a NEW layer so we don’t mess with the actual image, and have a “go back” point if necessary.  Look up at the top of your Photoshop window, and click Layer/New/Layer.  And call that one “blacken.”

eyes5.  Ctrl+S to save again.  Yay!  Now, select your brush tool.  Make sure that you have a soft brush!  A hard brush is going to look really brushfake.  Look at the settings below….brushsettings

6.  Now, once you have the brush set right, (and your brush size will differ depending on YOUR picture) be sure that your foreground color is set to black.  Simply pressing the “D” button should do this, but if not, then you may need to do this manually.defaultcolors

See the “Like This!”  Pic?  Yeah, like that!  Ok, now we are going to paint over that glowing, horrible area.  Bleh!

Press your brackets keys to adjust the size of your brush to fit over the white area.  the ” [ ” key makes it smaller, and the ” ] ” key makes it bigger.  To tweak it a little more, you can click the dropdown menu at the top of the brush settings (located next to the number) and set it there, too.  eyebrushOnce you have your brush set correctly, press your left mouse button.  Most likely, it won’t cover the whole glowing area, so just push it a few times more to paint over it, NOT moving the mouse, only left-clicking!  Now, go to the other side, and do the other eye.  And SAVE your work!  Ctrl+S!

Now you have a black hawt mess over the dog’s eyes, which is particularly horrid.  But we will fix it, don’t worry!

7.  We need to add an iris into the eyes.  Please don’t skip this step!  Dog eyes have color!  Most dogs’ eyes are brown.  If you have a blue-eyed dog, then you can pick a shade of blue.  The setting of brown I have for my dogs is 3c230b.  If you don’t know what that means, then click on your foreground color and it will pull up a window like this:  colorpicker

Then you need to just enter the above value into the blank, which should already be highlighted.  After that, voilà, your foreground color is doggie eye brown!

Now make a NEW LAYER again.  Look at step 4 if you forgot how.  Name this new layer “brown”.  Reduce the paint brush size to a realistic size for the iris, and press the left mouse button to paint WITHOUT MOVING THE MOUSE. If you have trouble guessing your work, you can reduce the opacity layer of your “blacken layer” to get a better judgement of where that iris should   Opacitygo (See the pic to the left). That usually helps me a lot.  After you’ve painted over the black, you should end up with something like what is below:

WTH?  Seriously?  Now WHAT!

WTH? Seriously? Now WHAT!

Ok!  Trust me, it gets better.  Now look up top at the Photoshop dropdowns and select View/Actual Pixels.  Yeah, a little better, right?  Zoomed up looks worse, usually, but not as bad when zoomed out.  If you are happy with your results you can skip down to step 9.  If you’re a stickler for detail like me, then we will fix the edges for more realism.  Don’t forget to save your work again!

8.  Select your “burn” tool.burntoolrightclick  You may need to right click your dodge tool (looks like a lollipop) and select it.  Your settings should look like the image below:  burnsettings  Ok, now make sure your “brown” layer is active.  (It will be highlighted if it is.)  Click that layer in the layers palette to be sure.  Make the brush smaller, and hit just a few parts on the OUTSIDE of the brown circles.  Where doesn’t matter, seriously.  You can trace the whole outside, or do less.  It is up to you.  We just want some texture to the iris.

Now, if you want, you can select your Dodge Tool (the lollipop) and hit a few spots on the INNER part of the circle, to make it look like there are some reflections in the eye.  I’d turn that dodge exposure down a bit first to around 30% and reduce your brush size, but play around and see what you like.  You should end up with something close to this:cluseup Beautiful!  NOT!  Let’s pump down the opacity of that “brown layer, and make it look a little less harsh. (See step 7 if you forgot how.) When you are happy with that, it’s time for the white little reflection dots!  Woot woot!  Almost done!  SAVE YOUR WORK!

9.  Make another new layer and name it “left eye dot”.  We are going make these white dots on two separate layers.  That way, you can MOVE the dots if you decide they look googly or awkward, instead of having to repaint them over and over and OVER again.  Let’s start with the first part.

Press “B” for your brush tool.  Change your foreground color to white.  REDUCE THE SIZE of your brush to something tiny.  (See step 6 if you forgot how to adjust your brush.)  Press anywhere on the eye.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, because you can move that white dot further down the road.  Leave it for now.  We’ll tweak it later.  Now, we are going to duplicate this layer to use for the right eye.  Ctrl+S to save!

10.  In your Layers palette, right click the “left eye dot” layer, and select “Duplicate Layer” from the pop-up menu.  Name this layer “right eye dot”.righteyelayer  Whew!  Now where is the right eye?  Let’s move it and see.

11.  Press “V” to select your move tool.  Or, press the very first tool on the top of your toolbar.  It looks like the cross-hair with the arrow next to it.  Now click on that white dot, and drag it to move.  Ohhhhhhhhh cool!  Ok, so move it where you like.  Now, move the OTHER layer (the “left eye dot”) by selecting it in the layers palette and moving.  You can move in slight tweaks with your arrow keys.  Once you have the dots where you want them, lower each of the two layer’s opacities.  I set mine to around 74% each.   And for the love of everything that is beautiful in this universe, save your work!

You have now fixed your spoiled dog’s eyes to their adorable, wooby-boogie cuteness, and that great picture has been salvaged due to your newly acquired Photoshop skills!

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